08 Oct

Know Your Judge

Selecting the right attorney should not only be based on that attorney’s knowledge and experience about the law.  It is crucial that your attorney also knows the Judge presiding over your case.  It is clearly an advantage if your attorney has not only had similar...

27 Sep

Child Custody Relocation Requests

Relocation requests, whether they involve military parents or not, require the court to follow Florida Statute 61.13001.  A relocation action is decided strictly as the statute dictates, and an experienced lawyer can tell you the best strategy to help you prevail. Call attorney Bradley Sherman...

17 Sep

Unbundled Legal Services

People often ask about Unbundled Legal Services, which describes limited representation for a specific part of a Client’s court proceeding. The Client would handle the balance of the services themselves.  The best way to understand, explain and justify this approach is to say it’s better...

21 Aug

Men or Women only Law Firms

In recent years, some lawyers have begun to market themselves as advocates for men or women only (not both).  Is this a legitimate specialty or just a marketing tool? I submit it is a marketing tool and here is why I believe so.  Men and Women...

01 Aug

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, Attorney Bradley S. Sherman offers payment plans. However, those in need of emergency or urgent legal services must be able to pay for the services before they are rendered. Also, clients who have a payment plan with Attorney Bradley S. Sherman understand that the...

20 Jul

How Much Will This Cost?

I have sat across from many people in need of legal services for divorce, child custody and related legal services. Many people struggle to afford to employ the services of an experienced family lawyer in order to remedy their most pressing domestic problems, and the question on...

04 Feb

Understanding Florida’s New Medicinal Cannabis Law

Amendment 2, also known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was overwhelmingly approved by the voters in November, and went into effect on January 3rd of this year. This amendment to the State Constitution expands access to medicinal marijuana, but with several key restrictions; recreational marijuana use is still against the law in the state of Florida.