Emergencies Relating to Children at Risk

18 Mar Emergencies Relating to Children at Risk

A problem that is ignored by our elected officials in Tallahassee concerns the State’s inability to protect the children at risk in Florida.  If you share custody with the Mother or Father of your child, and that other parent is placing your child at imminent risk then you have an emergency.

Imminent Risk is a risk that is near or close to occurring.  Frequently, people who fear that their child is at imminent risk call the Department of Children and Families’ hotline (1 800 96ABUSE), and frequently there is a delay or failure to properly investigate the alleged abuse or neglect.

The Department of Children and Families are staffed with Child Protective investigators who are understaffed, poorly trained and underpaid. The Department cannot adequately investigate all reports of abuse and neglect. The investigators often receive false reports, but there is rarely any consequences for false reports.

When reports of abuse or neglect are not false, investigations are often delayed and/or not enough time is allocated to properly investigate.

For purposes of this article, it is important to know that Emergency Motions filed with the Court are often not well received. In other words, many (if not all) Judge’s feel that their courtroom should not be the first place to address an allegation of imminent risk to a child. Therefore, it is important to do two things in responding to your child’s imminent risk:  (1) Call and report your matter to DCF (1 800 96ABUSE), (2) Get the name of the Investigator assigned to the case along with a case number and (3) Call Attorney Bradley Sherman or any other experienced family lawyer in order to take all the necessary legal steps to protect your child or children.

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