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“No attorney can accurately quote you a price for his or her services without first thoroughly investigating your case.”


Unless your case is a very simple legal matter, Mr. Sherman will initially only charge you for the time it takes to fully research your case and completely understand your options.  Mr. Sherman states “Too often people have come into my office with accounts of having already paid tens of thousands of dollars for legal representation.  I strongly encourage you to visit my office for a free initial consultation so that I can explain my method of billing clients.  No attorney can safely predict the amount of time if will take him or her to represent you through to a conclusion.  You should not pay for services before you know they will be performed.  It is common sense for me to first investigate the case and then meet with you in order to better explain what specifically I can do to help you.  If it is before the arraignment date, I typically charge no more than $1,500.00 to file a notice of appearance (in order to cover your initial court dates) and to perform an initial investigation of the evidence that may or may not exist in your case.”


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