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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

Below are actual testimonials written by former clients who had family and criminal law cases.
If you visit our office we will gladly provide you with their case numbers so you can verify via public record.


“I came to Mr. Sherman wanting to modify my visitation and child support order from a different state. My ex made this simple request a bit more difficult with delays, and multiple job losses. But throughout the whole process, Mr. Sherman kept me positive, and I could not have asked for a better outcome.  It is clear to me that Mr. Sherman is a very experienced attorney, and I would highly recommend him for any legal issue you may have.”


Child Support
November 2018


“Hey Mino, I hope this email finds you well. I just want to take the time to thank both Mr.Sherman and yourself even though I feel like I can’t thank you guys enough. I am the happiest mother in the world! After four long years of not having my son and a long 11 month court battle, he’s finally back home. I had a unique situation and all other legal help I had sought lead nowhere but leaving me feeling helpless. Mr.Sherman was so helpful and willing to work with me and never made me feel like just another client. He worked hard on my case and always kept me informed which I felt was important. I could call at anytime and Get any questions answer by Mino (the paralegal) or Mr.Sherman himself. I was impressed for my first experience working with an attorney. I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Again thank you for everything during this whole process. I am glad this is over and we had the best possible outcome!


Best wishes and warmest regards.”


Child Custody
October 2018


“Mr Sherman and his assistant Mrs. Lipps are a great team and get the job done. During my divorce I was kept informed every step of the way and all correspondence was made by them. I highly recommend for others to consider having Mr Sherman represent them for their legal needs. Should I need additional assistance in the future I will be calling his office first.”
April 2018


“Brad is the epitome of calm, cool, and collected. I felt very comfortable with his understanding of the local bench and local bar. He went over and beyond to charge me only as necessary, and I cannot thank him enough for having my back and seeing that justice prevailed. Thanks again to you both.”
February 2018



Client review from R.S. after child custody / timesharing trial where Client was awarded majority timesharing.

“Brad thank you so much . . . you did great you are an awesome attorney!!”
December 2017



Client Review from C. Tunney after two and a half years where Mr. Sherman represented family law client before the trial court, the appellate court and back to the trial court after the appellate court proceedings were concluded:

“Brad, I simply can not thank you enough for all of your efforts, patience, and guidance over the past 2.5 years. I know it has been a long and tedious process so I appreciate you sticking with it and continuing to make it a priority.

Best of luck to you and we will get you the balance of payment asap.”
C. Tunney
October 2017



Thank you for everything!! This is amazing news! I also wanted to let you know that yesterday went VERY well with my daughter. There is so much to tell you about the success of all this but I will just keep it brief. My daughter scored a goal in her soccer game last night, read me an entire book of hers and asked her Mom if she could ride with me instead of them to the soccer game. That’s just the tip of the iceberg… Here is a pic and I have videos too of yesterday.. I’ll just share these two and tell you we didn’t skip a beat in between visits.


J. Dydra – Timesharing settlement was obtained in his favor.
October 2017



Hi Brad,


Thank you for everything.  I truly appreciate all of the hard work you and your office put into making yesterday’s results successful.  I will be by Thursday with my final payment.


Denise Ribeiro
August 2017



I am sending this note to express my thanks to you and your staff in handling my brother’s case. Finding someone to take our case was challenging, and I was beginning to think we would not be able to achieve our goal to give my brother a semblance of freedom and independence after 26 years in state hospital. Over the last year you and your staff consistently showed compassion and professionalism. That seems rare in so many businesses these days. I always felt that Mino genuinely wanted to help me with any request I had, and I never felt unimportant to you or anyone in your office. I appreciate you for your responsiveness whenever I needed to talk to you and, of course, for your ability to help us achieve our goal.

If we need any further legal assistance in the future, we will certainly contact you.

Thank you

Janet Sutton and Edward Maxson
April 2017


R. Todd came to Bradley Sherman to eliminate his child support arrears. Mr. Sherman was successful, and the Client showed his appreciated by writing, “You all did an excellent job I’ll leave a positive review on Google when I get time (; ”
May 2017



Brad Sherman did an awesome job with my case! He gave me one on one attention and was honest with me, giving me direction that in the end saved me money! His office staff always returned my calls and emails and I felt like they really cared about me and my family. If I ever have any other legal needs I will always go to Brad Sherman.


Rachel G.

April 2017



Bradley and Minokah,
Thank you guys so much. You guys have made this divorce process go very smoothly.


Ariana R.

April 2017



“The representation of Mr.Sherman far exceeded our expectations. Our case was a tough one but he proved to be very educated, professional and thorough. Mr. Sherman was always honest and straight forward with us so we always knew what to expect. He advised us every step of the way and worked very hard to prove our case. We are so thankful for the hard work and expertise that we received from Mr.Sherman and his staff.

Trisha and I thank you all again for your hard work and advice, even after our case was over!”


Timothy Costa

March 2017



“I was married for only 4 years. I came to Mr. Sherman to get me divorced and defend against my then Wife’s claims for alimony other financial obligations.  My Ex did not want to work when we were married, and she felt she was entitled to more of my money. I am now divorced and my Ex did not get a dime from me.

Thank you Mr. Sherman.”


Dissolution of Marriage
August 2016



“I hired Mr. Sherman to help me modify my timesharing schedule, stop my child support obligation paid to my Ex, get primary custody and relocate from Florida to Alabama with our two girls. My Ex was unstable and refused to put our children’s needs ahead of her own. Thanks to Mr. Sherman I now have custody of my children in the State of Alabama, and soon my Ex will be paying child support to me. I am extremely happy with the outcome.”


Matthew S.

August 2016



I was accused of child abuse on my seven year old son. My mom had temporarily custody and I hired attorney Sherman to file a termination [of] that custody. In the process DCF was conducting an investigation against me, however they did not contact me for an initial interview like they are suppose to. If DCF would have followed procedure like they are suppose[d] to I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time getting him back. Attorney Sherman contacted the head of child service so we could conclude th[ei]r investigation. Shortly after they found nothing and closed the case. My son is home with his mommy like he should be thanks to Mr. Sherman[.] Mr. Sherman stood next to me and believed I was doing the ri[gh]t thing. I th[a]nk him with all my heart[.] [W]e could not be any happier thanks to him working with me and taking care of DCF.


Autumn W.

March 2016



My name is Troy Green and I want to share my experience with you so that you can know that truly innocent people can be charged with a crime.

In 2013, I had a few too many drinks one evening with my friends, and after leaving a bar I was followed by a man and a woman who attacked me. To the best of my recollection, there was a struggle in which I was knocked out cold and put into a coma. The woman’s leg was hurt during the struggle.

While I was out cold, the woman told the police that I tried to assault her. When my attorney, Brad Sherman, investigated the case it was discovered that the man who was with the woman was her boyfriend who was on probation for having previously committed an act of violence. The woman told the police that the man was not present during the altercation because it could have easily violated the man’s probation status.

Anyone who objectively looks at my case, would be amazed that the Office of the State Attorney decided to file Felony Battery against me in the first place. The amazing and scary thing about my experience is that the State relied on this woman’s word alone. There was no evidence to corroborate her version of the events, and I spent about a week in a coma. When Mr. Sherman deposed the police officers involved with the criminal investigation, he uncovered the many weaknesses about the case. The prosecutor still wouldn’t drop the case until months later. I hold my case out to the public as an example of how prosecutor’s can be indifferent about their duties and their burden of proof – guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. Many prosecutors like the power they have and they don’t like to lose.

Mr. Sherman successfully pressured the prosecutor to drop the felony charge against me, and he worked tirelessly on my case until I was satisfied with the result. Brad Sherman always made me feel like I was in charge of my choices relating to the defense of my case.

My health will never be the same – but I hope my experience will help others understand the abuses that do occur in the criminal justice system.


Troy G.

May 2015



I will never be able to thank you Mr. Sherman enough. I first met him when I was in the Volusia County Jail. The prosecutors indicted me for multiple counts of Racketeering and I was facing decades in prison if convicted. Nobody but Mr. Sherman believed in me and I will never forget how he fought for me.

I had a difficult childhood, no family support before or after my incarceration. When the Jury returned with the Not Guilty verdict, I thought I was dreaming. Even if Mr. Sherman didn’t get me free from my criminal troubles, I still would have been in his debt for working so hard and believing in me.

Mr. Sherman made it clear that he wanted me to follow a better path if I was acquitted. I will keep that promise, and stay in touch with him so can know that his hard work was worth it.


David W. Jr.

June 2013



Mr Sherman,
I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for helping me through my divorce. When I walked into your office I was a basket case. Mandy was very comforting and helpful with the initial paperwork. Then, when I went into your office, I really did not know what to expect. I thought you would look at the paperwork, ask a few questions and herd me out the door. I have to tell you, you’re ok in my book. You asked me how I was, at that moment you were more concerned about me and my well being, seeing the stress I was under, than anything else. We sat and talked awhile and then moved into the case, at which point everything went quickly. The petition was drafted and I signed it before leaving your office.

When I had questions, I would call or send an email and everything was answered quickly. Minokah, your Paralegal is top notch. Quick responses and moved everything through the system quickly. Again, thank you to you and your staff for all you have done. This might sound bad, but you gave me a new lease on life. I never knew somebody could be like that.”



Ralph P.

Jan 2016



Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Brad Sherman from the Sherman Law Office on our side. He and his assistant were always available to answer all our questions. More important they keep us updated with all the events in the case. He took our case like we were part of his family. Thank you so much for been so kind.


Tanya Gordon – Dissolution of Marriage

July 2015



I wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work in assisting me getting through my divorce promptly. I interviewed several law offices before making my decision to hire your office. Some offices seemed too busy to listen, seemed to disregard the sensitive nature of divorce, or seemed to be concerned about how much money they will make. I was already partial to your office after seeing the committed and fair manner in which you have served others, treating them as humans in need.

Mr. Sherman is very personable, and treats his staff like partners in his endeavors, even answering the phone while Ms. Lipps is busy, instead of simply letting the call go to voice mail. Both of them know who their clients are when they call; I never felt like a paycheck.

Mr. Sherman is straight forward with what to expect and explained the process each step of the way. I believe his honesty and fairness reflected in the paper work that was served to my ex-husband, leading him to agree with the terms and move along with the divorce in a timely manner. Ms. Lipps is very courteous and prompt with finding and providing information and updates of the progress of the case. They worked together as a great team, helping me find closure to an unfavorable chapter in my life and I can’t say thank you enough!

I hope to never require the services from a law office again, but if I do, it will certainly be yours!


Thanks again,

Anna M – Dissolution of Marriage

May 2014



Minokah and Mr. Sherman, I am doing well thanks to ya’ll. Divorce is not a pleasant thing to deal with but from our first meeting you both made it so much easier to deal with even from such a distance. I truly felt ya’ll were looking out for me and my best interest. When we went to mediation at the end and I had to run into my husband I truly appreciated that you “ran interference” for me . . Mr. Sherman didn’t let — corner me by myself which he seemed to want to do . . . you made a VERY trying and stressful time easier to deal with and I TRULY appreciate it!! I know there is at least ONE decent, honest, caring lawyer in the world . . I would recommend you to anyone in need of legal services without hesitation!!


Kathy P – Dissolution of Marriage

Feb 2014



My name is Damon Smith. I am very happy with the outcome of my case. I love seeing and spending so much time with my kids and the kids also love it. If it wasn’t for Mr. Sherman and his assistant this would have never have happened. I couldn’t have asked for better, they made this happen. Thank you so much . . . I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much for all you guys did.


Damon Smith – Custody Modification

Feb 2014




Thank you for all your hard work. My divorce was difficult but you helped me stay focused. My ex wanted to milk me for everything, including keeping the house.

Going to trial was difficult and stressful. . but in the end I got the house and a manageable support payment. You also helped me understand the importance of seeking a generous timesharing schedule with my daughter. I enjoy every minute with her and I’m thankful for every minute I get with her.


Thanks again,

Jose Ramos – Dissolution of Marriage with one minor child

Dec 2012

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