Do You Offer Payment Plans?

01 Aug Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, Attorney Bradley S. Sherman offers payment plans. However, those in need of emergency or urgent legal services must be able to pay for the services before they are rendered. Also, clients who have a payment plan with Attorney Bradley S. Sherman understand that the pace of their case will be similar to the pace of the payments for services.  To be 100 percent honest, this method insures fairness to both Client and Lawyer.  Please allow me to give some perspective to my policy on payment plans.

Imagine a lawyer that didn’t care about getting paid. Do you think he or she is going to care enough about your case if he or she doesn’t care about being paid?

A lawyer, like myself, who requires timely and fair compensation is in a much better position to deliver timely, fair and thorough services to you. A lawyer who cannot afford to keep their lights on or the staff paid is going to have a tough time servicing your case.  Again, rely on your life experiences to tell you whether this makes sense to you.

I have always offered free initial consultations for potential family and criminal defense clients for a variety of reasons. One reason is to better explain how a payment plan would apply to their case. Every case is different and it is important for prospective clients to understand what is unique about their case.