How Much it Will Cost if I Don’t Use an Attorney

14 Mar How Much it Will Cost if I Don’t Use an Attorney

This past July, I posted an article about the cost for legal services – “How Much Will This Cost?

Since then I have come to recognize that too many people opt to divorce or address their custody issues without an attorney. For years, I have met with Clients and potential Clients who have come to me in order to modify or enforce an agreement that was entered into without an attorney.  When they did so they thought they were saving money, but later found out that they needed an attorney more than ever AND their legal rights were in jeopardy.

Anytime you are signing documents concerning your legal rights, you really need to stop and consider the importance of what you’re signing. People don’t realize how their parental rights until they become uncertain or otherwise in jeopardy. Circumstances often change, which end up highlighting the shortcomings or errors in your agreement.

As a family law attorney with over 15 years of family law experience, I provide my clients with agreements that will substantially lower the risk they will need to go back to court.  My Clients who have to return to my office, are doing so not because of the inadequacy of the agreement I negotiated and drafted for them. Rather, my clients are typically returning because the other party is not following the agreement – requiring an enforcement action.

Do yourself a huge favor and meet with a competent, reliable attorney before signing anything.  The bulk of my practice consists of clients who either didn’t use an attorney the first go around, or used the wrong attorney.  The right attorney should be transparent with you; showing you everything that is going on with your pending case. When I say everything, I’m referring to all outgoing and incoming emails, correspondence, papers filed with the court by your attorney and the other attorney or party. Transparency is the only way your new attorney can truly build trust with you.

The cost for having your initial agreement drafted or reviewed by my office is so minuscule compared to what you will likely be paying if the job is incomplete and/or erroneous.  Call today to set up a free initial consultation or a $200.00 consult for reviewing already completed family law legal settlement agreement.  Free initial consultations are for potential clients who wish to meet with me to see if I am a good match for you, and the $200.00 is for reviewing family law documents and giving you my legal opinion. When making the appointment, please refer to this article in order to lock in the $200.00 rate.