Know Your Judge

08 Oct Know Your Judge

Selecting the right attorney should not only be based on that attorney’s knowledge and experience about the law.  It is crucial that your attorney also knows the Judge presiding over your case.  It is clearly an advantage if your attorney has not only had similar cases to the facts of your case, but it is also very helpful to understand your Judge’s attitude and preferences.

For instance, some Judges are very upset when they learn the kids are aware of the pending litigation. It is never a good idea to tell your kids about pending litigation and disputes with the other parent, but some Judges are open to the idea of allowing a minor child testify.

Some Judges do not feel comfortable on using Guardian Ad Litems or Parent Coordinators, and some Judges use these types of professionals all the time. If you meet with Attorney Bradley Sherman, or any other lawyer, be sure to ask them specific questions about your Judge’s preferences. Additionally, ask your lawyer straight out “What is your experience with Judge Smith?”

Common sense should tell you that if your attorney knows your Judge’s likes and dislikes, then that information will likely result in making that Judge happy. The last thing you want is a Judge that is unhappy with you and/or your attorney.

Hint: If the attorney you meet only has negative things to say about the Judge presiding over your case, then chances are good that your attorney has had bad experiences in front of that Judge.