17 Sep Unbundled Legal Services

People often ask about Unbundled Legal Services, which describes limited representation for a specific part of a Client’s court proceeding. The Client would handle the balance of the services themselves.  The best way to understand, explain and justify this approach is to say it’s better to have some help from an experienced lawyer on your case, as compared to no help at all. Nevertheless, it is better to have a qualified, experienced and motivated lawyer help you until your case is closed.

Unfortunately some people just cannot afford that option.  Attorney Bradley Sherman recommends payment plans for those who have limited funds. Payment plans allows Mr. Sherman to remain as your attorney until the case is concluded.  However, payment plans are not workable if your case is one in which the presiding Judge deems high urgency – requiring more than usual court time and preparation by the attorney.

For those thinking about going to court without an attorney, then you must understand that you will be at a disadvantage. If the other party has a competent, experienced family law attorney, then your case can be in jeopardy without legal representation. Of course, the wrong lawyer can be just as bad.

Some basic services should be considered, such as hiring a court reporter and process server. A court reporter makes a record so that in the event the Judge makes a mistake you have a remedy. You cannot appeal your case if there is no record.  A process server is used to serve subpoenas. Your case may require compelling witnesses to appear on your behalf. For example, a police officer, a school records keeper, a doctor’s office records keeper are just some common examples.

If you can afford a qualified, experienced and motivated lawyer then do so. I always tell my new Clients at the beginning that it is important to trust each other. I go on to say that trust should not be earned easily. Instead, it should be obtained with a transparent attorney/client relationship. Attorney Bradley Sherman accomplishes transparency and the trust of his Clients by providing them with all documents and communications sent and received in connection with the Client’s case. The same thinking is done with billing. All Clients of Attorney Bradley Sherman receive detailed invoices so that they know exactly how their money is being spent.